Dear Me,

You are enough. No matter how many times society tries to deem your beauty not enough, remember you are enough. Those intimate moments spent in the bathroom staring at the mirror deciding if you should apply your makeup remember, I am enough. I am beautiful, I am loved, I am smart, I am kind, I am good, I am strong, I am successful and I am smart. I know I am-I chant. I am enough for me. I cannot surrender myself to this world that is not accepting of me because acceptance is not defined from the outside. Allow yourself to fall in love with yourself first and that is truly the most important love there is. Thou shall love thyself. . .


10 thoughts on “#DEARME

    1. Thank you that is quite a compliment! Yes that is me. There are days that I do not feel I am up to the standards that society has set in place. If I feel this way then I am sure others do as well.

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      1. What? You’re so young and you have the world spinning on your fingertips. Do what you want to do. Be confident, and don’t fight the stereotype or the norm. Change it; redefine it. Others will run to catch up to you. I would love to do something artsy with that portrait of yours for that post, because it’s so beautiful. I want to post it on my blog. If you feel like being exposed as an artistic muse, just email it to me and I’ll work on it. Think about it.

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