7 Reasons I’m ready for Spring

  1. Because I’m tired of hairy legs.

Let’s be honest, living in NYC during the winter, you sort of don’t have a choice but to be hairy. I mean for one thing, your legs are like the source of heat. Plus they are buried underneath long johns, stockings and dare I say, sweatpants. Especially for single girls, it’s liberating but I really could use a shave so yeah, bring on spring.

2. My toes will be free.

Well think of it this way, my sexy little piggies (Yep, I said piggies) will be on display for the world to see. Bright pink toes please!!!!

3. Bonjourrr Tulips!

Because how could you welcome Spring without tulips? If I’ve learned anything from Instagram, it’s on Sundays you buy fresh flowers for the apartment then of course instagram “le fleurs” and inserting hashtag #SundayFunday #sofuntobeagirl

4. I’d like to order a Frappuccino without being judged.

I just want to order a Grande non fat green tea latte, sweetened with whip cream and caramel drizzle without getting stares from the Barista or the customers behind me like “Ugh, who orders a Frap in winter?” Then I shamefully make my way to the bar and grab my drink before the barista even begins to call my name.

5. I can officially show off my blowout!

Do you know how hard it is to pay 40 bucks for a blowout and then BAMMM it snows? Countless amount of times I’ve had to cover my fabulously done hair and opted for a beanie (why do they call it beanie?so not cool) scarf or my J. Crew cap. I am not about this life, so over it!

6. Outside Dinning!

Who doesn’t want to feel like they are in Paris having lunch? But really you are in the West Village splurging on a meal courtesy of Groupon that expires today! Outdoor tables? Ginormous umbrellas? Riverside cafés? Or huge backyard gardens? Yes, yes, yes and yes! Outside seating cafés and restaurants are like the best thing since Leonardo Dicaprio in the Titanic, you’re welcome!!

  1. Because Spring leads to Summer duhhhh.

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