What is Art?

As I sat on the benches overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge Carousel and the skyline, I thought “What is art?” and then I thought what is not art? Art is beauty and it is in everything we see. It is the one outlet that allows us to completely use our imagination to create the unimaginable. It crosses all cultural values, religion, gender, race and social class. It is freeing, spiritual, happy, depressing, all the elements of us. It is a part of us, it surrounds us, it yearns for us to understand it and the desire to create it. Art is in all forms, all things that we’ve built, trains, telephone, movies, computer, music, statues, magazine, sculptures, paintings, bags, and fashion. Art is all around us and I promised myself not to deny myself the simple pleasures of enjoying it. I have an appreciation for art and what it is to be artistic in the arts, fashion, beauty, life, music, literature, and dance experience of changing lives of creativity. Art is believing and seeing the mind at play. Art is to create what has not been done. It is bringing it to reality, to the universe. As I quenched my thirst with my Boxed Water is Better, I realized that I myself am a creation of Art.


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