The Dying Art of Creativity. . .

Why has art become the dying art? Art in the twenty-first century has suddenly become undervalued and insignificant. The once highly praised Avant-guard world of art has surprisingly come to a stop. All channels of creativity have been placed on the back-burner and attention is placed on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Children have lost the ability to express themselves in a safe environment, there are minimal art courses being offered. But why is creativity dying? Creativity is dying because schools and teachers are not encouraging students to dream bigger than imagined. The platform for children to express themselves has been removed and they are not encouraged to create which destroys their ability to think creatively. Public education is available to provide children with a decent education to become productive citizens of society however sometimes that is not the case. My contention is that there needs to be a severe change in the way we educate our children because society cannot continue down this tumultuous path. . .


2 thoughts on “The Dying Art of Creativity. . .

  1. The community in which I live has creativity at it’s heart. We are incredibly lucky and rare. Our children seem to be happy following so called celebrities who have been largely manufactured by marketeers and “reality” TV moguls. The good work parents put in to encourage children to have minds of their own, to think for themselves, is not continued in school.

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    1. You are quite lucky, I wish I could say the same for the U.S. Less and less resources are being placed in the creative fields. This generation needs to begin to fight for it or else they will suffer. You truly are very blessed my friend!

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