It’s the failures that save you.

As I sit and look back over the years that I’ve spent trying to find myself whether it be in my personal life or career, I’ve encountered many failures. I know this is true for most of us. I will admittedly say “Hi my name is Jodieann Stephenson and I have failed a million times.” There is a deep sign of relief as I type those words. I have failed in exams, friendships, relationships, family, exams, life, college, and career. I’ve made many mistakes and failed–I am proud of that. I fail daily in my writing! Each moment I try to construct a decent sentence, one that makes sense, I fail. I try again and I fail and that is okay because with each failure it forces me to try something different. It begs the questions “Why are we afraid to admit to one another that we have all failed? Why is it that failure is frowned upon?” We need to fail and fail to have the courage to try again. I fail every single waking day and it is inevitable. I urge each and everyone of you to accept that failure is a part of life. Could you imagine a world without failure? That’s one world I wouldn’t want to live in. I will fail today, tomorrow and everyday after because it is the failures that save you.


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