14 Striped Shirts and Counting.

Although I’m a highly sophisticated individual with exceptional likes for the finer things in life, I can’t help but wonder about my compulsive shopping habits. As an intellectual, I don’t mean to quote Mr. Spongebob Squarepants however, he says, “the best time to wear a stripe sweater is all the time.” Yes I am twenty-three years old and I am drawing on a energetic and optimistic sea sponge to rationalize my past purchases of 14 striped shirts and sadly do I say, and counting.

This may have started out as a joke but now I am beginning to question my ability to make decisions. By some unexplainable reason, I have managed to accumulate the same striped breton shirt in fourteen different washes and I am baffled.

I thought this maybe deemed uninteresting but I needed to bring attention to this severe dilemma I am experiencing. Why in the world have I consciously purchased the same Parisienne shirt over and over again? Am I wrapped in the idea that one day I will find the perfect stripe shirt, as if that exists. It is needless to say that my stripe collection has left me with a massive hole in my wallet, which I cannot afford to have because I am a professional and technical writer aka writer aka trying to support the dying art aka when is my big break?

Lastly, this brings me to a point that I have been trying to reach over the past 200 words, which is this, how do I stop buying something that I already own? What is the purpose in that, is there even one ?


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